Revealing The Most Specific And Detailed Way To Play Xoc Dia For Bettors

How to play Xoc Dia is a keyword that often appears on information search browsers. Xoc Dia is an interesting game with simple gameplay and dramatic, thrilling experience. That is why many users want to learn how to play this game to participate in the experience every day. Follow the following article of FB777 to know how to participate in Xoc Dia betting effectively and accurately.

Introducing the game Xoc Dia, the hottest game of 2024

Xoc Dia is a traditional Chinese game that has existed for thousands of years and is now widely popular around the world. The Xoc Dia game has reached a new level since it was updated in an online betting version. Now you can learn how to play Xoc Dia and participate in betting at any time.

Just find a reputable playground, you can receive huge amounts of money from this game. Many professional players have successfully become rich thanks to the Xoc Dia game and often pass on their experience to new players.

In the game of Xoc Dia, players need to predict the side of the coin that appears after being shaken with a specialized tool. Usually, bookies use four coins with two sides, red and white, in a betting table. If you guess the correct color of the coin, you will win and receive a large bonus from the bookie.

Preliminary information about the game Xoc Dia
Preliminary information about the game Xoc Dia

How to play Xoc Dia that new bettors need to master

If you are new to this game, you need to learn and remember the following important rules.

Play process in Xoc Dia game

Normally, in the way of playing Xoc Dia, the bookies give players about 20 seconds to place bets before shaking. You need to predict the result and then choose the chip to place on the bet that you think has the highest winning rate. Then the playground will shake Xoc Dia publicly under the supervision of all players and open the bowl.

After announcing the results, the system will determine the winning player and add the bonus according to the correct ratio on the door you placed. At the end of the game, the system will immediately calculate the betting time for the new round and you will also bet according to the same process as above.

Introducing betting options in how to play Xoc Dia

Traditional playgrounds often offer very few options for players to bet on when play Xoc Dia. However, for the online form, you can freely choose one of the following types of betting:

  • Big bet: In case 3 or 4 coins appear red side.
  • Small bet: You will bet on this option if you predict the number of white coins is 3 or 4.
  • Even Bet: You win if the following scenarios appear: 4 red coins, 4 white coins or 2 white coins and 2 red coins.
  • Odd bet: If the result is 3 red coins combined with 1 white coin or 1 red coin combined with 3 white coins.
  • Bet on the result being 4 red or 4 white.
  • Bet on 3 reds and 1 white or 3 whites and 1 red.
    Summary of the most attractive bets in the game Xoc Dia
    Summary of the most attractive bets in the game Xoc Dia

Instructions on how to play Xoc Dia extremely effectively for beginners

To increase efficiency when participating in betting in the Xoc Dia game, you should refer to some of the following ways of playing applied by many experts.

  • Keep track of the results of the bets continuously to find out the rules of the appearance of the white and red sides. This is the way to predict Xoc Dia that millions of players have applied and has proven its effectiveness. There are many different types of rules, so you need to observe carefully and bet according to that rule to find a chance to win.
  • How to play Xoc Dia by calculating probability is a smart choice for all players. You need to calculate the winning rate of a game to choose the right bet. The big, small, even, and odd doors all have the highest winning rate in this game of 50%. You should bet on these doors if you do not understand the skill of predicting the results.
  • For the doors with a 50% winning rate as above, you can prepare capital to bet with the doubling rule. Be persistent with one door and bet according to the rule of doubling the capital in the next game if the previous game is lost. In case of winning, return to the original level and continue with the above rule.
Revealing the extremely effective way to play Xoc Dia for bettors
Revealing the extremely effective way to play Xoc Dia for bettors


How to play Xoc Dia is not difficult, but to be sure of winning, you need to practice regularly to improve your ability to predict results. Join the experience at FB777 to accumulate experience and earn money more effectively from this attractive game.

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